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GM's Resource

Raging Swan Press’s Quest

At Raging Swan Press, we believe the GM's job should be as simple and painless as possible. We believe a GM should not have to spend eight hours preparing for a four-hour session. We believe GMs should spend less time worrying about the minutia of the game and more time plotting awesome adventures and campaigns.

At Raging Swan Press, we craft GM Resources designed to help GMs prepare quicker and prepare better. We don't deluge you in gobs of extra rules or options that just add complexity, confusion and bloat to the game. We simply publish richly detailed, easy to use material designed to be compatible with almost any GM's campaign.

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Creighton’s Blog

Check out Creighton’s blog where he shares his thoughts on game design and posts session summaries of his Borderland of Adventure campaign!

Raging Swan in Print at d20 PFSRD

Marvellous news. Another part of my sinister and diabolical plan to transform Raging Swan Press into a world-straddling colossus has fallen into place.

Just today, I got confirmation Raging Swan’s print products are now all available over at d20 PFSRD!

d20 PFSRD do a ton of Pathfinder print products from many fine 3PPs, and they are offering a special promotion at the moment which includes free print products. It’s a great time to buy some Pathfinder stuff!

21 - 30 November

Hurl yourself (like a starving panther) into the sale at d20Pfsrd.com DriveThru RPG Paizo RPG Now or learn more here.